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What is Square Dance
How and where can Square dance be learned?
Friendship and pleasure

What is Square Dance?

Square dance is an American folk dance that, during the last couple of centuries, has developed from different European folk dances.

At the beginning of a dance always 8 dancers (4 pairs) form a square. A person, called a caller, calls the different patterns that the dancers have to dance in tact with the music. This means that nobody knows in advance which pattern will be danced at the next moment. There is no fixed pattern, as one finds with other folk dances. The Caller can form every dance completely different and counts on the concentration and attention of the dancers. If he doesn't get it, chaotic or comic situations can arise. Under the button "Specifics" a more specific look will be take on a call. More information about callers can be found under the button "Callers". A bit of history can be found under the button "History". The button "Main menu" takes tou back to the main menu of the Silver Wings.

Square dance can be danced at several levels, the levels depending  on the number and kind of calls being danced. Interested starters can follow a class at a club. In most cases the "main stream" level can be reached within a year, at the same time passing the "basic" level.

There are also kind of dances that are related to square dance.
With round dance, for instance, the dances are composed by a "cuer". The "cuer" can be compared with a Caller by square dance. The people dance in pairs on south American or standard rhythms like Walls, Foxtrot,  Tango and Cha cha.
With contra partly the same elementary patterns as with square dance are used, but the dancing pairs are put up in two rows, the partner is in the other row.
There are also many clubs that are specialized in "Clogging" ( a kind of step dance) or "Line dance", or that dance those kind of dances as a diversion.

In Europe about 500 clubs are united  in the umbrella organization "European Association of American Square Dancing Clubs e.V. (EAASDC)", internet:
The corresponding organization of the callers and cuers is the "European Caller and Teacher Association (ECTA)", internet:

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How and where can Square dance be learned?

In special courses the patterns are learned and practiced step by step. After finishing the course one can dance without problems over the whole world, as the patterns and their names are standardized. Traditional the calls are in English but since the courses at our club are in German, knowledge of English is not needed. Several club members are Dutch or talk Dutch, so the course can also be visited by Dutch speaking people. English speaking people will have no problem with our American caller. The course will take about three quarters of a year and will also give, besides the figures to learn (about 70), an introduction into the Square Dance etiquette.

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Friendship and pleasure.

Square Dance is friendship translated into music. The joy of dancing and the social intercourse are the most important. Class difference is unknown, everybody is welcome.

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